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Pastel paintings are quite vibrant and full of color punch. The typical application of pastels is a scumbling process, which allows for multiple layering and visual depth,. Unfortunately, the digital world can not capture the total beauty and characteristics of this wonderful medium.

Q & A:

How to Purchase a Painting: you may contact me through my blog via e-mail or call me at 770-443-8220.  I will accept a personal check,Master Card and Visa credit cards.

Teaching: Please refer to the workshop heading.

Pastel Products:I typically order my papers and pastels through but their are many companies which offer mail order pastel supplies ie: Dick Blick, Dakota Art Supply,Rochester Art Supply, Terry Ludwig Pastels, Great American Art Works Pastels and others.

Fixative: To be used as a tool but NEVER sprayed on a finished painting, it is unnecessary to use fixative as it will make the colors transparent and darken them. To aide in framing (I custom frame my own work) when using a matt. I take a sheet of the inexpensive sketch pad paper and lay it on top of the painting and without letting the paper shift I rub my hand all over the sketch paper. This takes off any excess and/or forces any loose dust into the toothed pastel paper surface.

Paintings: Studio paintings are created from Photo reference from location painting, field sketches and small studies rendered on location

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