Saturday, March 23, 2013


So sorry that I have been absent for a while but was busy creating and getting my Etsy Store, up and running. Please visit my Shop at: Fine Paintings

These are a few of my ACEO's that are at my Etsy Shop

I also have an on line presence at Fine Art America,

This coupled with all the Outdoor Show applications, Competitions and framing has put me somewhat behind.

 My spring outdoor show roster has been filling up and the list is as Follows:
I hope that some of you can make it to one of the events to see my new work.

  1. Under the Oaks Fine Art Show, Vero Beach, FL - March 8,9 and 10th.( Pastels)
  2. Art Fair @ Queeny Park, Balwin, MO April 5,6 and 7th. ( Pastels)
  3. Alpharetta Arts Street Fest., Alpahretta, GA April 13 and 14th. ( Abstracts )
  4. Magic City art Connection, Birmingham, AL April 27,28 and 29th.  ( Abstracts )
  5. 23 Annual Colors Festival of the Arts, Roswell, GA. May 11 & 12 ( Abstracts )
  6. Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur, GA, May 25 & 26 ( Pastels )
  7. Art in the Park, Colombia, MO.June 1 & 2  ( Abstracts and Pastels)

Thanks for visiting today, Ginny

Recyclying Paper of a Failed Painting

This is the steps that I took after I washed off a piece of blue Ampersand pastel Paper, I think it was blue. I wash off certain  papers and am usually able to reclaim some portion of the paper for minis or smaller matted pieces. But in this case I use the whole washed off piece of paper.You know we artists just can't bring ourselves to through away a good piece of paper just because our attempt at a painting failed.

You can see that the failed painting was in a vertical format, a painting of trees, I reoriented the paper horizontally so as not to be influenced by the ghost image left behind from the wash off.

You can see the trees on the left still visible.My photo reference to the right. the photo was taken at a several thousand acre farm that plants this huge field of sunflowers.I painted there with some friends and also took some photo references. It was so exciting to see their cheery faces move with the sun.

This is the finished painting, I was pleased with the result.