Hi, I hope that you will wander about my site, enjoy my paintings and learn a bit about me and what drives me to create and paint the landscape. I will offer completed paintings to view and some techniques and things that I have attempted to do, some successful and some not,all our efforts are not always winners, but something is always learned along the way. 

I have an affinity for nature from the deep woods, farm vistas, to rivers and streams and the coastal marshes. It is the tranquility of that environment which I would like to capture in my paintings and convey to the viewer. I paint on location as well in the studio. Painting on location is a challenge and a joy,but always a learning experience

My philosophy is, create with abandonment, always be open to what you may 
think is the impossible and revel in what is learned.

Bio:I moved to Georgia in the 80's seeking the warmer climate then of the northeast. After settling into my new home I attended Kennesaw State University and received a BA in studio art.After the closing of a family business, I was then able to pursue my creative goal of painting the Georgia landscape, honing my skills through Plein Air painting and finding a way to market my work.

Along my journey I have been represented by galleries and still am, worked with 2 different publishing companies, teach workshops and classes,have been a juror for competitions and still market my work through outdoor art Shows. I enjoy the direct sales, getting to know my patrons and visiting with them from year to year.

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